Michael Kors Sunglasses for Women

Women’s Sunglasses by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is one of the current top US fashion brands, creating coveted clothes and accessories that appeal to women who always want to be one step ahead of the fashion game and totally on-trend.

Combining classic shapes with stunning colour palettes, here are the best Michael Kors sunglasses for women.

1. Michael Kors Sonnenbrille AUDRINA I (MK1013)

Attractive Sunglasses to Compliment all Jewellery

Frame / Temple Colour: Silver, Gold | Lens Colour: Grey Gradient | Style of Frame: Cat’s Eye | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • Compliments gold and silver jewellery
  • Michael Kors logo on temple
  • Stylish cat’s eye design

These women’s Michael Kors sunglasses have a gold and silver frame, making them the ideal complimentary accessory whether you are wearing gold or silver jewellery.

These high-quality sunglasses also feature the Michael Kors logo on the temple and the stylish cat’s eye style gives a touch of retro elegance too.

2. Michael Kors Women’s Sunglasses AUGUST MK1018

Best High Angle Frame Detail Women’s Sunglasses

Frame / Temple Colour: Yellow, Brown | Lens Colour: Brown Gradient | Style of Frame: High Angle | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • High angle style
  • Tough metal frame
  • Designer name on temple

These Michael Kors women’s sunglasses come with a high angle frame design, making them the best choice for longer face shapes, helping to draw the eye upwards.

Made with a tough metal frame, these women’s sunglasses also have the famous Michael Kors name on the temple and are part of the Michael Kors SOLE collection.

3. Michael Kors Women’s Sunglasses ADRIANNA II MK2024

Best Celeb Worthy Women’s Sunglasses Frames

Frame / Temple Colour: Black, Gold | Lens Colour: Black Gradient | Style of Frame: Oversized | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • Celeb worthy oversized style
  • Original case and warranty included
  • Michael Kors name on temple

These Adrianna II sunglasses from Michael Kors make the ideal choice for the woman who wants a pair of sunglasses that are totally celeb worthy!

These movie star style oversized frames will make you feel instantly famous and also come with their original case and warranty included too, along with the Michael Kors name on the gold temple.

4. Michael Kors Women’s Chelsea

Best Beach Style Colourful Sunglasses for Women

Frame / Temple Colour: Rose Gold | Lens Colour: Blue | Style of Frame: Aviator | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • Non-polarised lenses
  • Super beach style
  • MK name on lenses and temple

These women’s Chelsea sunglasses from Michael Kors have blue non polarised lenses which would make the ideal choice to wear at the beach thanks to their aviator relaxed style.

The rose gold frame is bang on trend and these sunglasses are unmistakably designer too thanks to the famous Michael Kors logo name on the lenses and temple.

5. Michael Kors Women’s Sunglasses ADRIANNA III MK2023

Updated Version of One of MK’s Most Classic Frames

Frame / Temple Colour: Black, Silver | Lens Colour: Grey Gradient | Style of Frame: Round | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • Updated classic style
  • Chic frame colour
  • Subtle MK name on temple

These Michael Kors sunglasses are the third incarnation of the favourite Adrianna design, featuring an updated look on the classic style.

The chic frames come with black and silver with classic grey gradient lenses. These sunglasses also feature a subtle Michael Kors logo on the temple too.

6. MK2098U Women’s Sunglasses

Best Oversized Style Ideal for All Face Shapes

Frame / Temple Colour: Black | Lens Colour: Grey | Style of Frame: Oversized | UV Protected Lenses: No |

  • Versatile oversized frame
  • Plastic durable material
  • 2-year guarantee

These women’s sunglasses from Michael Kors make a great versatile sunglasses choice, featuring an oversized frame design that is flattering for all face shapes.

Made from a plastic durable material, these sunglasses are timeless and made to last, with a 2 year guarantee included too for added peace of mind.