Mens Versace Sunglasses

Top Versace Sunglasses for Men for 2021


Italian fashion house Versace has been creating bold and eye-catching accessories for men since 1978. Their wide variety of sunglasses styles often feature their iconic Medusa design and are the perfect way to add some runway-worthy sunglasses to every outfit.

Here are the best Versace sunglasses for men to choose from.


1. Versace Men VE2199

Effortlessly Stylish Aviator Style Versace Men’s Sunglasses

Material: Metal | Frame Details: Black | Lens Details: Grey | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Aviator

  • Versace logo on temples and front frame
  • Classic aviator design
  • Polarised lenses

These Versace sunglasses for men come in a classic aviator design, making them the ideal accessory to wear everyday.

These sunglasses are unmistakably Versace, featuring the famous Medusa logo on the front of the frames along with the logo on the temple too.

These sunglasses also come with polarised lenses to filter out unwanted glare from sunlight as well.

2. Versace Men’s Medusa Halo Sunglasses

Oversized Fit for All Larger Designer Sunglasses Lovers


Material: N/A | Frame Details: Gold | Lens Details: Dark Grey | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Wide Fit

  • Medusa Halo design
  • Oversized wide fit
  • Comfortable design

These super stylish oversized sunglasses from Versace are the ultimate choice for the man who loves to make a statement with his accessories.

Featuring the famous Medusa design on the temples, these sunglasses are still lightweight and easy to wear as well as keeping your eyes protected too.

3. Versace VE 2140 Rock Icons Greca Aviator Sunglasses

Essential Sunglasses for Rock Style Glamour


Material: Metal | Frame Details: Black | Lens Details: Black | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Aviator

  • Rugged, strong metal material
  • Innovate twist on aviator design
  • Famous Versace name on temple

These men’s Versace sunglasses add rock-star glamour to any outfit and are made from a rugged and strong metal material.

These aviator style sunglasses give a modern twist on what is a renowned and classic style of the frame thanks to their thickened central detail. These sunglasses also feature the famous Versace name on the temple.

4. Versace Sunglasses VE4296

Classic Minimalist and Stylish Design Sunglasses


Material: Acetate | Frame Details: Black | Lens Details: Grey | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Square

  • Lightweight acetate material
  • Flattering for all face shapes
  • Case included

These Versace sunglasses come in a more minimalist design, giving an injection of Italian style in a more refined way than some of their other sunglasses. Made from lightweight acetate material, these square framed sunglasses suit all face shapes and also come with a case included so you can protect your sunglasses as you travel.

5. Versace Mens Sunglasses (VE2150)

Avant-Garde Ornate Versace Design

Material: Metal | Frame Details: Black Gold | Lens Details: Dark Gold | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Aviator

  • Ornate design
  • UV protective lens coating
  • Lightweight fit

These incredibly ornate and Avant-Garde sunglasses are quintessential Versace, featuring an elaborately embellished temple detail and the Medusa head at the centre of the aviator style frame.

As well as being gorgeously designed, these sunglasses also come with a UV protective coating and are lightweight to wear too.

6. Versace Men’s Sunglasses VE2189

Easy to Wear Understated Versace Design

Material: Metal | Frame Details: Black | Lens Details: Grey | UV Protected: Yes | Style Design: Aviator

  • Understated classic design
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Comfortable to wear everyday

These classically designed Versace sunglasses feature a more understated and chic design, with the Versace logo front and centre of the frame, with small Medusa heads lining the temple. Made from sturdy metal, these sunglasses are comfortable to wear every day, making them the perfect Versace accessory to add a touch of luxury to your look.

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