Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women

Top Maui Jim’s for Women


Beginning life as a small island brand in 1980 by founder Jim Richards, Hawaii’s Maui Jim continues to create bestselling sunglasses that specialise in protecting wearer’s eyes from UV rays and the glare of the sun, as well as creating stylish frames perfect for the beach or the street. Here are the best Maui Jim sunglasses for women.

1. Maui Jim Adult Nautilus Frames

Best 1960’s Style Retro Round Frames

Frame Design: Black | Lens Colour: Pink Mirror | Materials: Titanium | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • Ultimate UV protection
  • MauiBrilliant advanced lens material
  • Lightweight titanium frame

These Maui Jim sunglasses for women offer a cool and funky touch of 1960’s retro-glam thanks to their round mirrored lenses and lightweight titanium frame.

Featuring lenses made from MauiBrilliant advanced material, these are Maui Jim’s most protective lenses yet and help to keep your eyes expertly protected from any glare from the sun as well as harmful UV rays as well.

These coloured lenses also help to subtly enhance the world around you, for a more psychedelic sunglasses experience too.

2. Maui Jim Women’s Star Gazing Cat’s Eye Sunglasses

Best Sexy and Chic Women’s Sunglasses

Frame Design: Pink | Lens Colour: Grey | Materials: Plastic | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • Sexy oversized cat’s eye look
  • Maui Rose lenses for a rose-tinted view
  • SuperThin Glass Material for extra eye protection

These Maui Jim Star Gazing sunglasses for women will have you looking like a star as well as looking up at them too.

Featuring a sexy oversized cat’s eye frame, these sunglasses also come with specialist Maui Rose lenses to make the world around you quite literally rose-tinted too.

The SuperThin Glass Material also makes these lenses extra protective, scratch, and grease resistant too, for a crisper and better view at all times.

3. Nalani RS29510 Women’s Sunglasses Glasses Dark Tortoise

Oversized Vintage Women’s Style Sunglasses

Frame Design: Tortoise Shell | Lens Colour: Purple | Materials: Plastic | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • UV Protection Coating
  • Maui Rose lenses
  • Glare-free vision

These Maui Jim women’s sunglasses come in an oversized vintage frame look, featuring a chunkier tortoiseshell frame combined with purple UV protected lenses.

These sunglasses also come with Maui Rose lenses, helping to enhance the colour of the world around you, plus these sunglasses also enable you to enjoy glare-free vision from the sun at all times too.

4. Maui Jim Women’s Dragonfly

A Modern Twist on the Usual Round Frame Style

Frame Design: Grey | Lens Colour: Grey | Materials: Plastic | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • UV protection polarised lenses
  • HCL Bronze lenses for warm tint
  • Modern twist on vintage round style

These Dragonfly sunglasses from Maui Jim offer a modern twist on the usual round frame sunglasses style.

Not only do they look great, but these sunglasses also bring a lovely warm hue to the world around you too thanks to their HCL Bronze lenses.

These sunglasses will also protect eyes from UV light and rays thanks to their specialist UV protective coating too.

5. Maui Jim Women’s Hanapa’a Sunglasses

Great Style Combined with Patented Eye Protection Technology

Frame Design: Tortoise Shell | Lens Colour: Purple | Materials: Plastic | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • Glamourous oversized style frames
  • Colour-boosting Maui Rose lenses
  • SuperThin Glass material

These Hanapa’a sunglasses from Maui Jim combine great style with patented eye protection technology too.

These glamourous oversized style frames come with colour-boosting technology too thanks to their Maui Rose lenses, so the world around you can also look its best whilst your eyes are protected.

The SuperThin Glass also makes the lenses of these sunglasses scratch resistant and more durable to everyday knocks and scrapes as well.

6. Maui Jim Women’s 817 Mariposa Sunglasses

Best Fashion Forward Women’s Sunglasses Frame Choice

Frame Design: Silver | Lens Colour: Silver to Gold Gradient | Materials: Metal | UV Lens Protection: Yes

  • Fashion-forward frames with high angle frame detailing
  • Dual Mirror Gold to Silver for warmer hues
  • Effective UV protection

These Mariposa women’s sunglasses are great for those who love a fashion-forward frame, featuring high angle frame detailing to suit heart and square-shaped face in particular.

The dual mirror gold and silver lenses offer warmer hues and these sunglasses also come with Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses for optimum eye protection from the sun’s harmful rays.