Chanel Sunglasses for Men & Women

French designer Coco Chanel first began designing clothes and accessories in the early 1900s, and the Chanel brand has since become a hallmark for elegant and timeless style.

A favourite of historic aristocrats as well as modern day movie stars, Chanel items are still coveted throughout the world.

Although Amazon does not stock Chanel eyewear, here are some of the best close examples you can find on the site instead.

1. Luenx Sunglasses

Chic and Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses

Lens Size: 60mm | Style of Frame: Aviator | Colour: Black | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Timeless classic design
  • UV400 lenses
  • Made to last

These sunglasses have all the echoes of Chanel thanks to their chic and classic aviator style frame and matte black colour scheme, including black lenses too.

As well as being timelessly stylish, these sunglasses also have protective UV400 lenses too and are made to last thanks to the strong frame and shatterproof lenses.

2. GQUEEN Horn Rimmed Half Frame Sunglasses

Studious and Academic Style Half Rimmed Sunglasses

Lens Size: 50mm | Style of Frame: Half Rim | Colour: Black | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Elegant half-rim style
  • UVA and UVB blocking lenses
  • Reinforced hinges and comfortable nose pads

These men’s sunglasses have all the studious and academic design that never goes out of style and could very easily be mistaken for Chanel.

The elegant half-rim style also comes with reinforced hinges and comfortable nose pads, and the lenses effectively also block out all harmful UVA and UVB sunlight too.

3. Cavir Polarised Wooden Sunglasses

Walnut Wood Temples for a High Fashion Feel

Lens Size: N/A | Style of Frame: Rectangle | Colour: Brown | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Walnut wood temples
  • Polarised lenses
  • Premium PC frame material

These men’s sunglasses have a high fashion Chanel luxury feel thanks to their walnut wood temples and classic rectangular black front frame.

As well as being premium in style, these sunglasses are also made from hardwearing materials and have polarised lenses to help protect eyes when wearing too.

4. ATTCL Driving Polarized Sunglasses

European Made High-End Classic Sunglasses

Lens Size: N/A | Style of Frame: Rectangle | Colour: Black | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Made in Italy
  • Easy to adjust
  • 100% UV protection lenses

These men’s sunglasses are made in Italy and have the same high-quality European feel that can be found with Chanel sunglasses too.

These sunglasses are easy to adjust so you can always be sure that they will fit your face comfortably, and these sunglasses also come with 100% UV protection lenses as well.

5. Retro Sunglasses Tony Stark Glasses

Vintage Style Men’s Sunglasses with Modern Coloured Lenses

Lens Size: 56mm | Style of Frame: Square | Colour: Clear, Blue | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Vintage meets modern frames
  • High-quality materials
  • UV400 eye protection

These vintage style sunglasses have all the fabulous style you might find with a Chanel pair, combining classic elegant frames with modern colourful lenses.

Made from high-quality materials including PC and metal, these sunglasses are worthy of a designer name tag and also offer UV400 eye protection as well.

6. Carfia Vintage Driving Sunglasses

Elegant Driving Style Men’s Sunglasses

Lens Size: 50mm | Style of Frame: Round | Colour: Tortoise Shell | UV Lenses: Yes

  • Elegant round style frames
  • Vintage driving style
  • Optimum eye protection

These elegant driving style sunglasses have a vintage round design complete with a tortoiseshell frame and metal hinge detailing that could be from an equally stylish and timeless brand, Chanel.

Along with being the perfect high-end eyewear accessory, these sunglasses also offer optimum protection from UVA and UVB rays as well.