Sunglasses of Ireland

Sunglasses of Ireland is one of Ireland’s up and coming fashion brands, and is currently working with our partners on an exceptional range of sunglasses, scheduled to be launched in Spring 2021.

We’ve been hammering our the details with a number of suppliers in America, and Europe as we search for the perfect blend of fashion and style, at an affordable price, delivered safely to the door of our customers.

As you will know, glasses are a precious commodity, and a product delivered with a bent leg, or a scratched lens is simply unacceptable, and so we have developed the Sunglasses of Ireland PROMISE.

The Sunglasses of Ireland PROMISE is as follows –

  1. we will deliver the product that you ordered, in perfect condition,
  2. we will offer you a fair price on any sunglasses products, or accessories that you purchase from us,
  3. we will treat you fairly and with respect at all times.


You may experience some small delays in our responses to your queries, and with orders placed as our supply chain struggles to cope with the corona virus epidemic, but we will do our best to respond to all queries in a timely manner, and to notify you as to any delays that we can foresee should they occur with your order.


Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay